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Weight loss resistance and hormone problems are epidemic today. A potential root of cause of these challenges is cellular inflammation caused by toxins, a key concept to understand, as it is the answer to why so many people do not feel well today. To explain, receptors sites reside on the cell membrane that allow our cells to communicate with one another. However, toxins can blunt these cellular receptors blocking proper cellular communication. When cells can’t communicate due to toxin induced cellular inflammation, you don’t feel well, and the stage is set for disease to occur.

Many health practitioners today simply provide their clients more hormones to help them feel better. To understand, we can use the analogy of yelling at your kids. When you first yell at your kids, they typically listen (as in the case of giving more hormones); however, over time as you continue to yell (and give hormones) the kids listen less and less (and cells become less sensitive to hormones being given). Giving more hormones is clearly not a long-term answer or folks taking the extra hormones would be lean, clear-minded and full of energy. When cell receptors are blunted by toxins and inflamed, it doesn’t matter how many hormones are given, the cells can’t process messages (like when to burn fat, for example), and you STILL don’t feel well and can’t lose weight, regardless of diet and exercise.

The true avenue to support the correction of hormone problems lies in fixing the cell; but before we can fix the cell we must support the DETOX of the cell by decreasing body-wide inflammation. The True Cellular Detox™ program teaches you how to decrease cellular inflammation as well as provides the keys to true detox, both of which are needed to achieve hormone balance and lasting weight-loss. Weight loss resistance and hormone problems can be an issue of cellular toxicity and good health cannot be achieved until cells are properly detoxed and systemic inflammation is decreased. Remember, the cell is where the magic happens and when you implement the anti-inflammatory lifestyle strategies you’ll learn in this program, along with true detox, you can achieve your best health.
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